Broken Arms Dance With Black Feet


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released April 12, 2014



all rights reserved


OHMWAR Medicine Hat, Alberta

Rock music from Canada.

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Track Name: John Boy
Do you like my white tap shoes?
I can make my feet sound like the blues
and I just learned some fancy moves
I'll work your stage for just free booze.

Ok, let's see your act.
Hey kid, that ain't bad.
Can't have you here but I'll let you hack
for pennies outside the nudie shack.

The piggies stand in line to see the girls inside,
just gonna keep on walking, will not even try.
These dummies don't deserve to see these skills of mine.
I just learned how to tap in 7/4 time.

I'm gonna follow this rabbit over the hill,
I know he's going to the landfill
where Corey's head is in a jar.
I'm gonna reclaim his guitar.

Those fuckin' Goons, they all wimps,
degenerate druggies and wannabe pimps.
Gonna clean up their trash huts before I leave
with a book of matches and some gasoline.
Track Name: Earth Angel
Put your finger in the wound of a bloody bird
Bare your eyes to the sun so they're dry and burned
Feathers down your throat, an antler in your ear
Hello George. Thanks for coming, dear.

Seminole, Seminole use of the Black Drink
Vomit and phlegm fill up the Black Creek
Starship Comanche rides in with the Black Fleet
Mice and moths swarm the Red Beast

The ornaments clang, from pierced flesh they hang
The lightning whelk sings for what the green corn brings
The ceremony is a complex thing
You're kissed by The Twins before the hoedown begins

The Shaman sings and conducts the back beat
Broken arms dance with black feet
Tremolo, Tremolo teeth on a bent string
It's rock and roll Ma! This shit is amazing!

Track Name: Blithe Reaction To An Unfortunate Life
No more magic, no more saxophones
A broken window recites a poem
But syllables leave me cold
And meter is a listless ode

No more kaddish only bits of bone
I couldn't tell you why people still mourn
And moan at night, there's nothing wrong
Please stop crying and just go home

A clutzy smile on a splintered door
Yammers phony stories of an unfought war
Drunken rabbits nod and snore
Then grunt awake and drink some more

A blue coat hangs on a muddy oar
Tap shoes talk on a busted floor
I'm really cold and my feet are sore
Come back Gary, let's start over
Track Name: Mazey
Two years ago I met with Mazey.
She brought her stuff and showed me ways to
accurately gauge the strange of electric slurry
left in the aether.

The Projector Mime is the device she left me,
with a little practise I get reception.
I'm getting signals, they're coded questions
about location and directions.

Can you tell me where we meet at night?
Down the hill by the traffic light?
Do you know where we meet tonight?
Is it down the hill by the traffic light?


Now it's five years on and total infiltration
of all the airwaves; long, short and space band.
Exploiting pockets of wasted Strange
and mining guts of drifting dreams

For access to the funny signal
I need the data to patch the limn of
the projected scrim of legerdemain.
Fuck off Tesla, Edison the same.
Track Name: Twigs And Sprigs And Leaves
It was the accomplishment of one
Stanislaus Georges P.
Made of twigs and sprigs and leaves
But no one got to see
They found him dead in his working shed
The invention wasn't spared
Outlines overgrown with vine
Are the only clues we have

Little Mazey why you kill that man?
Is the projector something you can understand?
Can you make it work with your tiny hands?
Could you do it again if you had the chance?

I'm all cut up and my hands are burned
A small price to pay for what I learned
Soon you'll see the tables turned
And the mimes unleashed!

Got this notion to start a new story
Gonna do it like nobody before me
Mouth full of fuzz and a head full of glory
A hard reset ain't nobody ignoring

Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
Track Name: Dark Days For Dennis
Can someone tell me what happened?
I am a remittance man.

I'm not sure where I am.
I am a remittance man.

Is the wire still under the ocean?
I am a remittance man.

I fell and I cut my hand.
My head hurts when I stand.

Hemingway, George Washington,
Pall Malls and the Pinkertons.

The Ford Motor Car assembly line,
I love that singer Patsy Cline.

My only friend is a deaf, dumb, blind man.
I hold his hand. He smokes a cigarette.

In 1929
He played catcher for the Cincinnati Reds.
Track Name: Boat
Got this boat that I got for free
Was down by the bay and it floated to me
It needs a name I think it's a she
I asked but boats can't talk you see?
I call it Jane that's a pretty name
It was my puppy's name she died in may
That's ok cause mommy say
Everything will die someday

So I cast off out to sea
And there's a bunch of fuckin' boats and they're all empty
Hello out there can you hear me?
I think I've found a mystery
Or just escaped some kind of fate
Rapture like, a suspended state
It's pretty neat I have to say
I'm glad I'm still alive today

Like water and trees
Like guts and disease
Like doves and electricity
Like rust and falling asleep
Track Name: The Dozens
Mister Buckshot, he calls me Heehaw
Gave me all this crime; a Kalashnikov, a nine
Got eleven 30-30s, six .22s
I carry a whistle in my boot

Takin' pot shots across my empty lot
There's someone walkin' by, he ain't my kind of guy
I can tell by the way he moves
Like he's got a bum leg and a hatful of booze

Yo man, I'm the patrolman
You better go man, find your own land
Ya see, The Man Buck he runs this place
He gimme these guns and say keep away

Anyone who act a dumb fool
So I see you and go Boom Boom
Got ya two-steppin like The Gunsel Cal
Oh look, is this your honey come to help you now?

What's up meat? This my street!
You wanna compete? Ain't that sweet
Hope ya brought heat cause your man's weak
Got him dancin', the fuckin' nancy

Oh Corey, you scare nobody
Your guns are just twigs and Mr. Buck he's
Just a donkey that you don't feed
Come here donkey, have some parsley

You know not what it is!
That which what you say!
If these guns are just sticks
Then why does everybody walk away?

Cause no one fuckin' cares
About your stupid garbage patch
And those songs you sing daylong
are just a load of crap

Well then fuck you and fuck Buck too
And my tunes? They fuckin' groove
I'm takin' my show on the road
Gonna head on down to Tomato Cove

Hell yeah! Get out of here!
Ain't gonna last long with just a burro and a song.
Out there it's a land of moons
There's roving Goons and ranting hünds

I ain't scared! I been there!
Last winter! Ain't Shit there!
A couple of rabbits and some alleycats
I played some blues and we had a laugh

Then get gone! Take your dumb songs
But the donkey stays, we're gonna make
Sure he gets hay til his dying day
And even carrots on Tuesdays
And Christmas.
Track Name: Games Room On The Lake
Full moon on Lamp Street
I'm in the Games Room On The Lake
Feeling a little anxious
The Power Man, he's late

Argot and doggerel
Weirdos commiserate
I hear the cycles humming!
Filaments illuminate

It's always worth the wait

Light in glass bulb, talk to me
Where did you come from? What city?
Denver? I hear it's very pretty
When the sun goes down

Tungsten or osmium?
Bamboo? Ain't that something
Excuse me, I must check in
With the pinball machine
Track Name: Globs
Battle went from horse to plane
Through radio and back again
With weary fathers at the reins
Of feral photons that go bang

Prisms scatter pneumatic light
Residual globs float on by

And they pretend this is the end
A limit of some kind
Crashing around, burning on ground
I laugh as I drift by

Unnerving is the sight
These dervishes so bright
The skirmishes they fight
And for what?

A drip of power here
A bit of voltage there
It's a nebulous affair
And for what?
Track Name: The Electrician
The smell of wet wheat and shit
The jagged paths of the rivulets
Through the dust outside of the window mixed
With the powered din of a motocar trip

Is distilled in one hit on the drum
A drum that's been tuned with
A trickster's tongue and the head is from
Skin of the electrician
Inside are strange birds, still and unstirred
To dampen reverberation
You play it with this, the bone of a fish
That was a pet when you were young

This ain't no nostalgia trip
This is real shit on the electric tip
I was slingin' way more juice than that idiot
Who pulled that shit with the elephant

And my arc's range puts lil Nik's to shame
Not only that but it
Trips a switch of sensory bliss
Something like a glissando
Of breeze rushing through trees
A scree of entropy
Complete the circuit with a bit of spit
And pay your 50 as you leave
Track Name: (Some Kind Of) World(')s End
400 million years ago
Light refracts through an icicle
On a patch of earth deadened by cold
The first picture starts to grow

Its colour like a flake of snow
Beautiful then invisible
From mathematics to a melted glow
It's more than I can stand to know

And bright lights
Scramble irises
And icepicks
Slide up past the orbital bone

Jaw broke
Teeth have crumbled long ago

Tic Tac Toe and Ro Sham Bo
Bebop, Doowop and Rock and Roll
Reefer, Smack, Bennies and Blow
Coffee, Egg and Piece of Toast

Empty boats line the coast
Art is dead, man. Don't you know?
Photographed outside the store
Ohmwar BSDC4