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released June 15, 2012



all rights reserved


OHMWAR Medicine Hat, Alberta

Rock music from Canada.

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Track Name: We Must Fly
with 80 on our side
it's time to take the sky
off runways improvised
we built these things to fly

machinists standing by
die casting for the cast to die
clandestine camps dot the line
providing fuel resupply

choppers.. lead the pack
fighters.. beat up wildcats
gunners.. watch for ground attack
bombers.. bring up the back

the thrill of turbulence
is something that i
have not felt since
the airships in '22
i was six years old
when the first one flew

there's rumbling in the fuselage
and something reeks of sabotage
remember? in the air garage..
his sidelong glance that gave you pause,

the fucking turncoat prick!
vladis the pilot
still pissed he was eclipsed
made sure my wings were clipped

interrupter mechanism started malfunctioning and
im trying to find the direction that would be best
to get free

now my levels are corrected and im ready for ejection
it is time to key the switch and estimate

holy shit!
this is it!
Track Name: Gorey Corey
came from a trash pit
playing a smash hit
some how they trapped him
using a trash can

gorey corey they got him on display
gorey corey forced to rock all day
gorey corey property of the goons
they laugh while he plays the shithead blues

they feed him grass and amphetamine
all these pills red, blue and green
DMT to prime his brain..
trepanation has kept him sane..

so far
but corey broke his guitar
and he's on the run!
trying to find some fun
but he's all alone
in a world unknown
so he goes back home

got his ass kicked
face is smashed in
he looks fantastic
the iconoclastic..

gorey corey on a ball and chain
gorey corey they got him playing again
gorey corey kicking at a drum
broken leg and a busted lung

they feed him grass and amphetamine
keep him going with benzedrine
morphine drip right into his head
too much trauma.. fuck! corey's dead!

and gone
there'll be no more songs
no one to kick around
when you're feeling down
just a head in a jar
next to his guitar
corey's become a god
Track Name: Land Of The Laughs
days are dark
because eyes are closed
it's the time of year
when you can taste the cold
and you sleepwalk
through fog, frost
and clouds of shame
blast ice and rain
smashed glass sounds
from a lantern's pane
light lost but
the night unlocks
a way to see the subtlety
of the collapsing cosmos
and the shrinking sea
why artwork became currency
oh how close we came
to what we were supposed to be
and as future fades to opacity
i have one thousand seekers asking me
will laughing cure this tragedy?
oh no it can't
not possibly
Track Name: Om War
tubes are warm now
it's time for war now
plug in the preamp
and ground the line
shutters shudder
as frequencies flutter
the soundwaves hit
and scatter passersby

the ability to make alive
a sound that you've just realized
and use it without compromise
is often much too tantalizing
so we sweat them out as solderites
work them hard throughout the night
fixing gear for the fathers
the high priests of om warfare

blasting out of window frames
it's the fcc
vs. filth street gang
tones sound best
with circuits rearranged
the airwaves pulsate
with electric strange

you graduate to static head
when your own perfection leaves you scared
you don't resist indoctrination
you understand the machinations
of what seems like an unsound base
but it's beyond proven so it takes the place
of chemistry and futile faith
this is no mistake

despite violent volume
this war's a subtle game
no one who plays
ever thinks the same
you arrive at what's called
the tympanic plane
and an irreversible wetwork
will repurpose your being
Track Name: Eisenstein
son i think its time
to see sergei eisensetin
because you need a replacement
for your broken mind

it seems to me a crime
of the most egregious kind
using a pen and paper
to write out words that rhyme

ok boy, why don't you try
this new thing called suicide
i hear it's really wild
and at the end there's a prize

someone told me your friend gary tried
and it filled all of his friends with pride
that's kind of what i see for you
something along those lines.