Do you like my white tap shoes?
I can make my feet sound like the blues
and I just learned some fancy moves
I'll work your stage for just free booze.

Ok, let's see your act.
Hey kid, that ain't bad.
Can't have you here but I'll let you hack
for pennies outside the nudie shack.

The piggies stand in line to see the girls inside,
just gonna keep on walking, will not even try.
These dummies don't deserve to see these skills of mine.
I just learned how to tap in 7/4 time.

I'm gonna follow this rabbit over the hill,
I know he's going to the landfill
where Corey's head is in a jar.
I'm gonna reclaim his guitar.

Those fuckin' Goons, they all wimps,
degenerate druggies and wannabe pimps.
Gonna clean up their trash huts before I leave
with a book of matches and some gasoline.


from Broken Arms Dance With Black Feet, released April 12, 2014



all rights reserved


OHMWAR Medicine Hat, Alberta

Rock music from Canada.

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